We are proud of our innovative products that are reliable, durable and require very little or no maintenance at all ! Please consult our website for information on our products and services or contact us by email or by telephone.Our motto is to live life to its fullest, autonomously and in a safe environment.

We provide our customers with high quality home-health care products so they can pursue a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

We differ from other suppliers by offering free home try-outs on most of our products. We also provide you with a personalized program which includes turn-key proposals. This means complete service from A to Z with no surprises!

Visibilité Inc. has been devoted to finding and developing quality home-health care products from which our customers can benefit from since 1990.

We pride ourselves on providing innovative, durable and low-maintenance products. Over the years we have refined our product portfolio and honed in our service skills. You may find our products everywhere because they meet all requirements. Residential as well as the rigorous standards of the institutional market.

We are not afraid to get our hands dirty and we will assist you in any way that we can! We provide complete evaluations on our product applications.

Feel free to benefit from the expertise that we have acquired over the years. We can handle all challenges and find realistic solutions to problematic situations.

We are at your service!