These are frequently asked questions. For additional information, feel free to contact us.

Is it possible to lease our products?
Yes, on a short or long term basis with optional discounted purchasing available. Financing is also available.

Are your products taxable?
Some are, contact us for further information.

Does the government pay for certain products?
There are indeed provincial goverment programs such as AVQ-AVD that can provide you with home assistive devices. There is also a home improvement program called PAD. Call us for additional information.

Do the bidets (personal hygiene systems) clean properly?
If the user sits in the right position allowing the water to reach the appropriate area, he will be as clean as if he was taking a bath!

Does the installation of a bidet (personal hygiene system) require special plumbing or hot water?
No special plumbing or expensive modification is required. The system provides warm water. An electrical outlet (GFI/DDFT) is however required near the bidet.

Are your products tax deductable?
They can be with a doctor's prescription. Please verify with an accountant.

Can a bidet be installed on a commode?
Yes, we can do it as well as other assistive devices like toilet lifts for instance.

Can your bidets be installed and a round and/or elongated toilets?

What is the warranty on your products?
Usually, there is a one year warranty on parts and service against manufacturer defects. Some products have a lifetime warranty such as the frame of a liftchair.

Do you offer after sale service?
Yes, we have been successfully in business for 25 years and plan to be around for a while.

Do you offer product try outs?
Yes, on many of our products.