Lift seat for toilet

LS-100, LS-200, LS-400 Lift seat for toilet
Lift seat for toilet
Lift seat for toilet
Lift seat for toilet

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  • Installs in just a few minutes (doesn’t need to be anchored to toilet)
  • Compact, only 21.5 inches wide
  • Fixedor mobile unit available
  • Rises up to 35 inches (Can be adjusted to vertical or tilt-forward lift like a liftchair)
  • Bariatricmodel available(400 lbscapacity)
  • Verystable
  • Easy to use hand control


  • Can be used over the toilet or wheels and a pail can be added to use as a mobile commode
  • Many accessories available
  • Can be used with a Personal hygiene system (Bidet seat)


  • Anyone who has difficulty getting on and off the toilet
  • All neuro-muscular sufferers : ALS, Arthritis, MS, Parkinson, Muscular Dystrophy, etc

Spécifications :                                      

                                            LS-100                    LS-200                   LS-400
Weight                                 55 lb                        55 lb                       75 lb
Wieght Cap.                     265 lb                      265 lb                    400 lb
Length                                27 po                       27 po                     27 po
Width                               21.5 po                   21.5 po                     23 po
Height                                 17 po                   18.5 po                  18.5 po
Width between          19/22 po            19/23.5 po        20.5/24.5 po
arms (ajustable)

Power                          10 foot electrical cord
                                       Back-up and rechargeable battery kit, also available

Opération                   2 button hand held control with quiet motor

Installation               Simply remove existing toilet seat, adjust feet and slide lift above
                                     toilet and insert the included splashguard.